Thursday, 5 November 2015

How to lose weight without exercise

This photo definitely has nothing to do with today’s weight lose article. I am just a fan of Homer Simpson, and I wanted to get your undivided attention…Even though you might be having a doughnut right now as you’re reading this article. Let’s hope not   

Before I begin, let’s get one thing clear I’m not saying that I condone zero exercise.  To be honest exercise is freaking amazing and I would definitely recommend that you exercise every or at least three times per week. However, I am here to let you know that if weight loss is your primary concern, then exercise is merely the tip of the ice berg. Majority (90%) of waistline fights are usually lost or won in the kitchen (or at the drive-thru window or restaurant dining table, etc.)

Warning: this method will certainly ask you to make some substantial adjustments to your daily diet- can you handle it?
Eat Real Food

I’m most certainly a big fan of the food and diet philosophy presented in healthy eating books like The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Food You Were Designed to Eat. Why? This book breaks it down and make this diet and eating right concept so logical and simple even a caveman can grasp the concept easily. I sincerely apologize If you’re a caveman but for persons who are hearing about the “Paleo Diet” theory for the first time, in a nutshell here it is: Instead of listing foods you can’t or should not eats here’s what’s recommended for eating: 

REAL foods –lean meats, eggs, fruits and nuts, veggies, fish

Why does this concept work? When you eat the above mentioned foods you’re only consuming foods that your body is genetically engineered to flourish and thrive on: high energy, high quality REAL foods- food from the earth. Yay nature 

Cut Way Back on the Rest

Cereal, fried food, pasta, bread, rice, doughnuts, bagels, waffles, candy, chips, tortillas etc. If you did not know, these things are all filled with carbs and statistic as shown that they’re the cause of 99% of weight gain and problems in today’s population, hence the reason you’re reading this article right now.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that you should give up this stuff completely, but in reality this is probably the reason your belly is not as flat as yours truly. Here’s why:

Majority of the refined carbs, sugar and grains were somewhat nonexistent back in the day,this means that our bodies never really adapted to processing these foods properly.
If you want to grasp a better understanding of why human bodies have so much difficulties with processing grains and carbs this article gives a detailed explanation.
The following video also explains why refined carbs and sugar make you fat:

                 Video- Why Do We Get Fat 

The general recommended diet ratio in today’s society of 10-20%, 30% protein, 50-60% carbs is far off it’s ridiculous. My apologies, but it is. This diet ratio has been forced on the society for several years, and new “low fat” products continue to surface on the market everyday…but yet still the country continues to get bigger, wider and fatter. 

Something’s definitely not right

How I Know it Works

Even though I’ve just added some grains back into my daily diet to bulk up during workout (brown rice, flaxseed bread and oats), I can certainly attest to the fact the Paleo Diet theory most definitely works. In the three months that I made the switch from my regular diet to Paleo’s Diet (my ratio was approximately 40% protein, 20% carbs and 40% fat), my overall body fat percentage (%) dropped from 15% to 6%. Apart myself many of my friends have lost a substantial amount of weight after making the switch to Paleo Diet theory as well.

Cut Out Liquid Calories

Beer, juice, soda, fruit coolatas, margaritas, vitamin water, cappuccinos – try to avoid them as much as possible (not saying that you can’t have a beer on Thanksgiving Day or on holidays…but come on) Everyone knows that a lot of these beverages are filled with sugar which immediately turns to fat in your system when consumed. I know what you’re thinking you will just switch to diet coke but this might not solve your problems either. See why Diet Coke might make you fat.
Some word of advice: Drink water daily, as this will help to curb your appetite, keep your inside and organs running properly.


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